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Skylights are attractive features but can get damaged and become less effective. It’s crucial to hire a professional to handle skylight replacement as soon as you notice a problem. Savocchi is whom you can trust for your skylight replacement in Glenview, Illinois. We have completed hundreds of jobs and have a strong reputation in the local community. Our technicians are more knowledgeable, experienced, and more dedicated than your local roofing company that does skylight installation and repairs on the sidelines. Call us to discuss your skylight replacement window needs or explore your options.

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Benefits of Replacing Your Old Skylight Windows

Many benefits are associated with replacing old or damaged skylight windows sooner than later.

A well-designed and properly installed replacement window creates the perfect balance between luminosity and warmth in your home.

Another reason to replace your skylight window is it can help you save money in the long run and reduce heating needs in the winter months.

Exposure to more natural lighting can impact your mood and energy level during the day. Your new window will also let in more natural light, boosting your mood and reducing irritability.

We often underestimate the effect of natural lighting in our homes. By allowing more sunshine to penetrate, a new skylight window makes your home more inviting to visitors.

Our Skylight Replacement Process

Skylight replacement can vary depending on your approach. If it’s done separately from roof replacement, the job can take a couple of hours. Our experts will climb up the roof, remove the old or defective skylight and fit in a new one. Afterward, they will re-insert the seal or flashing around the skylight window. They may also come inside your home and repair any minor damage to your paint or trim work.

Savocchi skylight installers factor different variables when installing and replacing skylight windows in Glenview, IL, to reap the maximum benefits from your skylight and its positioning. If not set up or position correctly, skylights can become heat traps in summer. We always factor in your:

  • Your roof type

  • Window views and wind resistance

  • Window orientation in Chicago

If you’d like to try something different, our experts will guide you on the best types of skylight designs for your Glenview home. They will also advise you on the pros and cons of each skylight design. Fixed or vented, we have good options to help with energy conservation.

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Why Hire Us For Skylight Window Replacement in Glenview, IL

When undertaking a home remodeling project that involves skylights, it is crucial to work with the best window replacement company.

Skylight experts

Savocchi has a competent team of technicians that handle replacement windows or related jobs. We also have an in-house signature skylight specialist who can handle any skylight installation, including Velux skylights.

Vast experience

We have worked on various skylight window installation and replacement projects for over a decade. We know how to replace multiple types of skylight windows, including roof, picture, and vinyl, all of which we stock and supply.

Unmatched reputation

Our solid reputation in skylight replacement, and door replacements, is built upon years of experience, exceptional craftsmanship, and innovative solutions.

Good reviews

We have completed hundreds of installations, repairs, and replacements and got a lot of happy customers who can vouch for our services. We are the right company to approach if you need the best skylight window replacements and value for money.

Looking for a Skylight Window Replacement Company in Glenview, IL? Get in Touch with Us

Some people fancy skylight window installation Glenview, or replacement, as a DIY project, but it is not advisable to handle it yourself. It is better to call in a professional who deals with solar skylights and roof windows as they can guarantee a good job. At Savocchi, we can provide you with the best window replacement service at an affordable price in Glenview, Illinois.

Our skylight team has years of experience and can do a fantastic job. We’ll guide you through the entire process and take care not to damage your shingle roofing. We offer the highest quality of services at the fairest price compared to any other company in Glenview, Illinois, and its environs. Our skylight experts can advise you on various aspects of skylights and window types. We have many verified reviews and overall positive ratings about our services. Call us at (847)446 3340 or (888)446 3340 for a free quote for your skylight window replacement or glass project in your own home.


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