Glass Shelves

Glass shelves provide an ideal shelving solution in terms of visual appeals as interior design and function convenience, whether for your residence or commercial building. Glass shelves range from simple units on supports held by metallic or wooden frameworks to complex, intricate works of art. They enable you to put your collection of flower vases, glass bottles, rocks, and other small items on full display.

If you are looking to have functionality and, at the same time, add style, get glass shelves. Glass shelves are also known as glass shelf etagere. They are open shelving units designed for displaying ornaments or any other items you choose.

Benefits of Glass Shelves

Glass shelving has numerous advantages as a shelving solution for your Chicago home. These are the following benefits.

Versatility in Style and Design

Compared to wood and metal, glass shelving offers more versatility for interior designers. Glass shelving is versatile, combining well with any current scheme in your home’s or office’s interior design and aesthetic. It is appropriate for both traditional and contemporary interiors.

At Savoochi, we have a wide variety of glass shelving design options suitable for your unique taste. We can mix glass with other materials to ensure the shelf works in chic, traditional, minimalistic, or modern spaces.

Visibility of Display

The transparent nature of glass shelves allows maximum visibility of items you have put on display. Your stored knickknacks, books, photos, and decor are easily visible on a glass shelf- no matter the angle you are looking at.

Elegance Galore

Glass shelving’s simple but elegant look enhances the appeal of your artwork and collectibles displayed on them. They have a timeless, elegant visual appeal that contrasts and complements other elements in a space.

Easy to Clean

Stains on glass do not hold and come off quickly when cleaned. A soft cloth and a quality glass cleaner are all you need to get the job done quickly. Once clean, glass shelves continually look as good as new for many years.

Good Natural Light Penetration

Wood, metal, and other shelving material, unfortunately, tend to obscure light and create shadows- causing inadequate lighting of the display.

Glass shelving, however, is clear and transparent and does not prevent natural light from penetrating through to light up the display. This brightens and makes a space appear larger.


Many people hesitate to choose glass shelving because they worry it will easily break. However, glass shelving can be thicker and tempered; to resist impact, cracking, scratching, and breaking; and hold significant weight. Such is the case for glass shower doors, table tops, mirrors, and car windshields.

At Savoochi, we use only the best quality tempered glass products in Chicago, IL.

Requires Low Maintenance

Wood and other shelving material require periodic maintenance of refurnishing and repainting to keep their good appearance. Glass, on the other hand, only requires the occasional cleaning and dusting and will keep looking brand new even after many years.

Better for the Environment

Some shelving materials are harvested or manufactured in ways harmful to the environment. Wood requires cutting down trees, while metal manufacturing involves processes that consume a lot of energy and release environmentally harmful emissions.

On the other hand, the glass we use is manufactured from sand, a highly abundant raw material, and emissions from its manufacture are less harmful to the environment than aluminum, steel, and plastic.

Easy to Configure with Minimal Cost

Glass shelves can easily be removable and moveable to create more storage space and change the interior design. We can do this at a lesser cost than shelving other materials that require expensive construction work when remodeling.

Need to Install Glass Shelves in Your Home? Contact Glass Company in Chicago, IL

Our contractors at Savoochi Glass, Windows, and Doors in Chicago, IL, can customize your glass shelves so you can get the look you desire. Whether you need the glass clear, patterned, frosted, added color or a tint, or a corner shelf whose glass gradually increases in size- we can bring to life the glass shelving project vision you have in mind.

We have only the highest levels of professional craftsmanship and excellent service to install your residential and commercial glass shelves successfully. We can also cater to your glass replacement door projects in Chicago or the Chicagoland area.

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