Wood Windows Replacement

Whether you are working on new construction, need replacement windows, or want to update the aesthetic of your Chicago home, you may want to consider investing in energy-efficient steel windows and doors. They boast great energy efficiency and natural beauty and have many different styles.

Steel window and door designs have come a long way over the years, and they are now one of the top options for homeowners looking to install new windows and doors for their houses. If you have a new construction or renovation project planned, you may consider steel windows over wood or other materials.

Chicago, IL homeowners will be pleased with their decisions with professional installation and outstanding service from our professional windows and doors company. At Savocchi Glass, Windows & Doors, customer satisfaction is a top priority, and we are dedicated to ensuring you are happy with your window and door choices.


  • Inspect the wood to ensure it does not have blemishes and imperfections.

  • To have an appealing look ensure the finger joints on the windows are not visible.

  • Check out for windows that are easy to maintain.

  • Make sure the window frames have tight-fitting corners to fit well into your window space.

  • If you consider putting exterior cladding, ensure that it is available with the windows. 

Why Choose Wood Windows for Your Chicago, IL, Property

Wood windows have much beauty and durability benefits, so many window replacement companies prefer them. Wood is the only material used in the window replacement process and has a variety of designs as you can paint it to complement the finishing in your home.

Our experts will help you pick the style of replacement windows that fits your home. You can schedule our window installation services, a free consultation, checking for the right estimates and measurements. 

Benefits of Wood Window Replacements

Wood windows are an attractive design feature on your exteriors, whether on your home or a contemporary building. The benefits of wood windows include:


The weather does not destroy wood windows, be it rain or sunshine. They do not crack or warp. They expand and contract less when the temperature fluctuates when they are properly sealed.

Wood is a good insulator.

If you are looking for a material with insulation properties, wood windows are the best compared to other window replacement materials in Chicago, IL. They keep warmth in and cold out during the winter seasons. Ensure that you use energy-efficient glass panes that have many patterns and finishes to choose from.

Easy to maintain

High-quality wood windows have long-lasting sealants that our local window installers in Chicago, IL, apply to them. The new windows will only need cleaning periodically with basic soap and a soft cloth.


When wood windows are properly taken care of, they are more long-lasting than other materials and energy-efficient, so wood saves a lot in the long run.


Wood windows maintain their beautiful look and can last you a lifetime if the contractors seal them properly and if you clean them regularly.

Highly customizable

This type of window can be cut in any different window style, and you can paint them in any color according to your unique preference. For example, they can be cut into carvings or crown moldings. You can sand them down and repaint them as you desire. 

Improve the appearance of your building

Among other window materials, such as vinyl windows, wood is the most aesthetic and appealing type of window material in Glenview, IL.

You can make your room look larger by bringing beautiful outside views indoors, for instance, installing picture wood windows that bring more natural light inside.

Exterior cladding

Our local window installers can cover your wooden frames on the outside with different materials such as vinyl or aluminum. This will help protect your new windows from harsh weather conditions and other elements. Your windows will stay in good condition as they will not fade and maintain the same color because of exterior cladding. 

Wood Windows in Chicago, IL

You will need window repair service in Chicago for the following reasons; improper sill installation, rotten wood caused by moisture absorption, broken window frame, or deformation on the sash and sill.

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