Storm Windows

Storms are a part of bad weather conditions capable of damaging buildings and other structures. A building is more susceptible to a storm at its openings; windows are openings on a building and should be protected.

After a storm, you may opt to conduct wood window repair or move forward with a new window installation. You may even notice that you have to conduct door repair or installation. At the same time, it would be a fantastic idea to prepare for the next event with storm windows. They offer protection and reinforcements to your windows to prevent damage to the building.

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How Does a Storm Window Work?

A storm window may be installed on the inside or outside your windows. Some storm windows are removable by design to ease fixing and replacements. It is made of materials with high physical endurance that can withstand impacts from flying objects and heavy air pressure. The tough material (usually a strong type of glass) acts as a shield during unpleasant weather conditions. 

Storm windows are closed off at the edges to reduce airflow to a minimum. It works as a protective layer on a window. Highly efficient models allow the least amount of air through them.

As you can see, when thinking about new windows or the need to replace windows, storm windows can be a part of your decision-making process, and it is an essential component.

If you are looking for window replacement services from effective and reliable window installers in Illinois, reach out to our team at Savocchi for a free estimate. We understand the need for energy efficiency, regular maintenance, and other aspects that make a huge difference and make sure to talk to our clients about this matter.

Benefits of Storm Windows

Its functions are not limited to storms. It functions as a protective layer from harsh weather conditions or environmental factors that a window can not shield you from. 

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get from a storm window. 

When a storm window is installed on a window, it closes in some amount of air between the two windows. It creates a system that insulates the building and increases its resistance to temperature changes on the outside. It also preserves the room’s temperature and, in turn, saves energy.

The trapped air system protects your building from other factors as well. It waters down the effect of loud noises or other unpleasant sounds from your surroundings. It also reduces the amount of sound that leaves the building so that you can worry less about noise pollution.

As mentioned above, it is a good maintenance method for your windows. As air flows through your window, certain parts would require replacements over time. Weather changes may be accompanied by heavy hair currents or precipitation. A well-fitted storm window would protect your windows from all these.

Excluding weather, there are other environmental factors a storm window shields you from. It reduces the number of UV rays that come in through your windows. A storm window with a good finish is sealed at the edges, making it capable of preventing moisture and insects from getting in.

A significant benefit of storm windows is the physical protection it offers. It can withstand heavy air pressure and restricts flying insects and objects carried by the wind. 

It also offers a double layer of protection for the building. It shields away unwanted objects and particles.

They can also beautify your building; newer models use both strong and attractive materials. Their designs consider the aesthetics of your building. Custom-made storm windows are designed to taste.


Why Should You Install Storm Windows?

Various human and environmental factors can lead to damage. Installing storm windows is taking a step closer to safety. Storm windows are not only for residential buildings. You can also install them on other buildings and commercial properties.

In environments more prone to weather challenges, storm windows make buildings safer to use. They increase the structural integrity of the building as a whole.

Besides, some commercial items need to be stored in specific conditions. So, it is easier to create the particular conditions you need for storage. Storm windows help you control the effect of environmental conditions on your building. 

Also, weak or old windows that require replacements can be protected with a storm window. It is cheaper than a replacement, and it offers more.

Of course, there are removable options for storm windows. It can be easily removed when needed and replaced when damaged. Therefore, removable storm windows are convenient to use. If you are looking for a free quote for your window installation project, reach out to us today!

Work with Savocchi for Your Storm Windows in CHICAGO, IL

Storm windows are essential additions to buildings. It is an invention that provides safety and beauty for a building. Although there are resources and materials available to make and install your storm windows yourself, it can be quite dangerous. 

You should always opt for professional help when it comes to storm windows. That is because the wrong installation can cause many problems for your building during harsh weather conditions.  

Our team of professional contractors in Chicago, IL, will advise you on the best options for your building and ensure everything is in place. Also, to avoid complications, make sure you’re using storm windows suitable for your building. 

You can conduct research on this matter by yourself or talk to a professional contractor at Savocchi. In most cases, a professional contractor will help you handle all the processes, including the best storm windows for your building and all the installation process. 

Let us help you handle your storm windows installation. Contact our team today for a free consultation.