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Commercial buildings such as office blocks and stores in West Loop and the Chicago Loop are often difficult to construct and manage. Glass is currently one of the most popular materials used in constructing commercial structures. You need to figure out the correct glass materials to use on your windows and other areas.

Commercial windows and storefronts serve multiple functions in a property, such as providing views and letting in natural light. They improve your building’s curb appeal, attracting more customers to your business. They can also attract tenants to your commercial property if you have spaces to lease.

Choosing the right storefront glass contractor for your commercial real estate in Chicago, IL, is often a difficult task. Commercial buildings in Chicago, IL, require high-quality entry systems and storefronts. You will need to get in touch with a contractor who can offer the best options for your property.

Savocchi offers you a wide range of options that will suit your project in the city of Chicago. We offer fabrication and installation services to our clients using top-quality products. We offer versatility and ensure that every project is done uniquely. We will ensure that your commercial storefront in Chicago, IL looks comfortable and aesthetically appealing.

What Is a Commercial Storefront?

Almost every commercial building and property retail space in Chicago has glass windows installed around it. Some structures have a small area made of glass at their entrance right next to the doors. Other commercial real estate properties have glass on their faces. Most commercial buildings, retail stores, and office blocks in Chicago, IL, have a storefront on the ground floor.

A storefront is a glass structure with display windows at the entryway of an office space or a retail store. The display windows are designed to attract attention to the building and let people know what it has. Storefronts are made from a combination of wood or aluminum framing and glass. They are durable, economical, and come in any style, shape, and color. They add beauty to a property, making it aesthetically appealing, and offer security to your business space.

What Are the Types of Storefront Glass?

Savocchi offers a wide range of storefront glasses from the best glass companies in Chicago, IL. You should ensure that you choose the right type for your space to function well. The types of glasses used in storefronts include;

  1. Tempered glass.

  2. Flat glass.

  3. Security glass.

  4. Laminated glass.

  5. Wired glass.

  6. Spandrel glass.

  7. Plexiglass.

You can also use tinted and insulated glass for your storefront.

How Long Does Commercial Storefront Glass Last?

Commercial storefront glass installed by Savocchi can last up to 40 years on your property. The framing material used for installation determines how long it will last. Wood, vinyl, and aluminum are materials used for framing storefront windows.

Wooden frames are preferred in most commercial properties because they can last for more than 30 years. Vinyl window frames can last 20 years but can extend to 40 years when properly installed. They are strong, easy to customize, and resistant to moisture. Well-maintained aluminum frames can last for more than 20 years.

When Should You Replace Your Storefront Glass?

You might need to replace the glazing on your property before it reaches its lifespan. Several factors shorten the lifespan of a storefront window, including;

  1. Use of low-quality construction materials.

  2. Exposure to direct sunlight and harsh weather.

  3. Shifting foundations.

  4. Lack of proper maintenance.

Other causes of storefront window damage include cracked windows, fog on the windows, and broken doors.

The signs that show when you need storefront window replacement for your property in Chicago, IL include;

  1. Visible damage includes damaged frames, foggy glass, shrinking gaskets, and scratched glass.

  2. Increased maintenance costs due to frequent repairs.

  3. Poor thermal efficiency.

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How Much Does a Commercial Storefront in Chicago Cost?

Chicago is one of the best areas in the country to lease or purchase retail space for your business. The city boasts great architecture and a diverse neighborhood fit for any business. It has something for everyone, and its traditional retail scene makes it easy for retailers and brands to settle and thrive. Storefronts in Chicago, IL, can be used as showrooms, art galleries, event venues, and pop-up retail spaces.

Chicago retailers are often in State St., Roosevelt Road, Oak St., River North, Lake Street, and North Michigan Avenue. Spaces on the North and Westside are budget-friendly and offer a great market for retailers. The Chicago Loop serves as the central business district and is a commercial hub for retailers. You should do a google search on the Chicago map list and find the most convenient locations for your business.

The price of retail space in Chicago, IL, is influenced by its location and the size of the building area. The prices range from $500 to $6000 per day. A small storefront in West Loop costs about $1500 per day, while one in the Chicago central business district could cost you close to $3000 per day. You can use the spaces for retail and entertainment special purpose mixed functions.

You can find commercial real estate on lease or for sale via a google search. Check out the listings available on the map data 2022 Google and use the filters to find the most suitable option for your business. If you want a space at Fulton Market for lease contact property owners through google. You can also google a property name, check out the sqft listing added, and ensure it is convenient for your business. Contact property owners once you find a space in a location that will suit you.

What Are the Benefits of Storefront Windows?

A high-quality storefront window from Savocchi can bring about several benefits to your business space. They include:

  1. Increasing energy efficiency.

  2. Marketing your products.

  3. Enhancing your space.

  4. Increasing property value.

  5. Providing security.

You should purchase top-quality storefront windows for your commercial space in Chicago, IL, at Savocchi.

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