Tilt and Turn windows

european windows tilt turn windows

Tilt and turn windows have many advantages over double hung and casement windows. Some of the benefits are listed below:

• Super Energy-Efficiency. U value can be as low as 0.09 U.S. / I-P. 

• Noise Isolating Windows. Noise reduction is rated by Sound Transmission Class (or STC). It is an integer ratnig of how well a window  attenuates airborne sounds. Single pane glass has STC of about 26. Sound proof windows have STC as high as 54.

• High Condensation Resistance Factor (CRF). 

Savocchi Products

Savocchi offers custom design and manufacturing of tilt and turn windows, lift and slide doors and skylights. Fully customizable wood spieces, interior colors, aluminum cladding, glazing beads, hardware and glass. We offer double pane glass, tripple or even quadruple to create comfortable and beautiful spaces.