Windows and Doors Replacement in Highland Park, IL

The wind and humidity of Highland Park, Illinois, can take a toll on your building’s windows and doors over time. If you’re having trouble, it’s possible that you’re dealing with issues like:

  • A chill in the air due to drafts around the windows and doors.

  • Opening and closing them is a struggle.

  • The paint is flaking and peeling.

  • There is an excessive amount of background noise seeping in.

  • Tough to disinfect.

  • Caulking or seal damage.

All of these issues necessitate window and door installation. The purchase of new windows and doors may appear difficult and unpleasant, but this is not necessary. Our highly trained staff at Savocchi can assist you in locating windows and doors that are compatible with your budget and property.

We have the custom materials, options, and solutions to meet all your door and window repair and replacement needs for your business or home project in Highland Park, IL.

Our staff is made up of skilled professionals that can assist you in resolving your issues with glass, windows, and doors by doing the following:

  • Boost your security: If you have had security issues in your Highland Park home or business premises, installing more secure window and door upgrades with advanced security technology will boost security.

  • Reduce your energy bills: A window replacement upgrade will improve your building’s energy efficiency and help you save on heating and cooling costs.

  • Protect against excessive noise pollution: If noise is constantly infiltrating your Highland Park home or place of business, we can install new replacement windows and doors to reduce noise infiltration into your premises.

  • Boost the market value of your property: If you are considering selling your Highland Park home or commercial property, new replacement windows, and doors will improve its aesthetic and hence its resale market value.

Our Highland Park Replacement Windows and Doors Services

Savocchi has provided glass, windows, and doors to homeowners and commercial building owners in Chicago, Illinois, and the surrounding areas since 1949.

Window Installation Services

We offer various types of window replacement for your old windows in Highland Park, Illinois such as vinyl, wood, steel, storm, and steel windows, etc. 

Our new window installation process involves customizing these into commercial storefronts, skylights, sunrooms, curtain walls, and historic landmark windows.

Door Replacement Services

In Highland Park, we replace and install doors such as storm doors, entry doors, patio doors, commercial doors, and historic landmark doors. Our selection of doors includes options for screens, decorative glass, and hardware.

Glass Door and Window Repair Services

Our highly skilled and experienced team at Savocchi can carry out any door and window repair and restoration of dull, broken, or fogged windows and door panes.

Our professional repair team can do quality repair on even surface-level scruffs and nicks to make them virtually invisible, and your window and door look new. However, we would highly recommend a replacement for those with severe scrapes and deep gouges.

Why Choose Us?

We offer a high-quality variety of brands.

We have a wide variety of premium replacement windows and doors in Highland Park, IL from high-quality brands, such as Allied Storm Windows, Arcadia Customs, US Aluminum, Provia, etc.

Highly skilled and experienced glass installation specialists.

Our professional installers and contractors in Highland Park, IL, go above and beyond because they have decades of experience in the replacement and installation of doors and windows.

Contact us today if you need any help with the installation, replacement, and repair of glass windows, and doors in Highland Park, Illinois.

Work With Us Today for Your Glass Window and Door Replacement Needs in Highland Park, IL

We are a locally-owned Highland Park glass door, and window replacement and repair company that has been in the industry for over 70 years, to do a fantastic job handling all your glass door and window repair and replacement needs, for your Highland Park commercial or home improvement projects. We have verified reviews of our excellent work from satisfied customers.

Savocchi offers a wide range of functional and aesthetically pleasing glass types suitable for all glass windows and doors. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a free estimate on energy-efficient glass panes, aesthetic or tinted glass, laminated glass, wood windows, and all-weather glass.

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