Back Painted Glass

At Savocchi we offer a wide range of new and replacement windows. When it comes to selecting the right windows for your home, you have to choose the right frame material, architectural details, glass thickness and makeup, operability, and finally color. 

The window products range from vinyl, wood and aluminum window frames. Manufacturers like Quaker, Sierra Pacific, Arcadia Custom, and Orama View can offer all imanagible window solutions for your home. 

Gutmann windows

Back Painted Glass Types

Awning – 

Casement – 

Single hung – 

Double Hung – 

Tilt-and-turn – 

Picture – 

Frame material options

economical way to upgrade your windows and improve the energy efficiency, reduce noise and upgrade the exterior appeal of your home.
typically used to restore a historic home. Wood windows offer the most versatile exterior and interior design features since the wood craftsmen can recreate any historic architectural detail. If your house has a historic or a landmark designation and needs to restore a few windows or the entire house, wood windows might be a great choice.
designed for harsh climates where windows have to protect your family from cold and windy winters and hot summers. Aluminum exterior cladding protects the wood frames from deterioration and decay. Aluminum is usually painted to meet AAMA 2604 or AAMA 2605 standards. The wood interior provides a warm wood interior and great design options.
aluminum frames are designed to last for many decades and require minimal maintenance. Aluminum windows allow you for increased window sizes and modern or contemporary architectural designs.
ultra luxury window option that has no compromise in quality, longevity and esthetics. If you are looking to replace existing steel windows or install new steel windows in your home, consider windows made from stainless steel with a thermal break. Steel windows have been regarded as a luxury item but provided minimal protection in the cold winter season. The times have changed and technology has as well. We can offer you steel windows that use state-of-the-art technology and a patented system to bring all the best features of the modern windows.

Other Back Painted Glass Options

  • Glass ‐ options are abundant. Consider low-e glass, noise reducing glass, burglary resistant glass, bullet proof glass;
  • Grills (muntin bars)  
  • Hardware –
  • Exterior finish – 
  • Interior finish – 
  • U-value –
  • Solar heat gain coefficient – SHGC –
glass backsplash for kitchen