Glass Backsplash

At Savocchi, we can open up any small space in your home while still maintaining its efficient layout. Beautiful countertops and backsplashes complement your kitchen.

Backsplashes complement a room in terms of style and personality. They come in various materials, like ceramic tile, glass, stone, and metal. Here is a look at our glass backsplash and its benefits.

What Is Glass Splash?

A glass backsplash is a tile built from moisture-resistant material. It is best for kitchen and bathroom walls. It protects them from constant water splashes and stains. It also complements the design in these areas while providing easy maintenance and cleanliness.

Types of Glass Backsplash

There are various types of glass backsplashes. Each is dependent on its composite materials. They include Plexiglas, Optiwhite, triplex, and tempered glass. Plexiglas is an artificially hardened acrylic mass. Triplex comprises the fusing of three layers of material using heat. The three layers are two glass and one polymer. They make it efficient, shock resistant, and durable. Tempered glass is also highly durable, plus it is resistant to impact. You can choose which one complements your home and the installation area.

Advantages of Glass Backsplash Installation

Are you a homeowner in Chicago, IL, and other surrounding areas? Do you consider installing a glass backsplash? Here are some advantages to get you going.

Environmentally Friendly

Making homes eco-friendly is a growing trend. Most people use solar panels or smart thermostats. Glass backsplash tiles are reusable in other projects, making them environmentally friendly. You can use different types of glass to design your ideal bathroom or kitchen backsplash.

Ease of Maintenance

The backsplash tile installation in kitchens or bathrooms must resist wear and tear from water and splash stains. Because glass is non-porous, it is easy to clean whenever it gets dirty. It leaves it shiny, without water stains, splatters, and fingerprints. All you need to clean it is a sponge and some glass cleaner.

In terms of hygiene, glass tiles are resistant to mold and mildew. It also cannot harbor harmful bacteria and germs. To disinfect the glass backsplash surface more efficiently, you can opt for a traditional homemade cleaning solution. It includes a mixture of water and vinegar in equal parts.


Glass backsplashes come in diverse shapes, colors, and sizes. It provides versatility and offers you the space to customize kitchens or bathrooms. The design services we provide at Savocchi also cater to this variety. For homeowners who may be unsure about their choice of glass backsplash design, our team will help you choose.


Many people classify glass as being brittle and delicate. It may be true. However, glass backsplashes are more durable than stone, ceramic, and metal.

Glass tiles are ideal for home emergencies as they are resistant to fire and water. It will not warp, fade or crack when it comes in contact with heat from your stove or hot dishes. It will not crack or break during the warm summers or freezing winters. Therefore, glass backsplashes are ideal for the weather patterns in Chicago, Illinois.

Better Outlook

As you are looking at the small square footage of your new bathroom or kitchen, you may wonder how to make it appear larger than it is.

The light and bright tones of glass tiles can help you achieve this look. Their smooth, shiny surfaces reflect natural light making the small room appear bigger.

Glass Tile Installation

When installing glass backsplashes, you do not need to demolish anything. It fits comfortably onto a flat surface. However simple this may seem, it is best to have a professional deal with your tile installation project.

Our service team consists of contractors who can handle all your building needs. They handle tile installation, plumbing, and floor construction. We have the right tools to lift and place the glass tiles without scratching or snapping them.

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