Entry Door

The lawn, windows, and even the house’s paintwork are not focal points as the home’s entry or front door for visitors to the home or just people driving by. An entry door is an exterior door system meant to be a front door delivered pre-drilled for deadbolts or knobs, pre-hung, or just as a slab.

The front or entry door is the official gateway to the home and therefore needs to be strong enough to tolerate scorching sun, rain, and winds. It also needs to have the ability to keep out intruders yet be attractive enough to give a good first impression.

Types of Entry Doors to Consider

Whether they are the patio doors, storm doors, or front doors, exterior doors should always be in good operational condition. Here are two types of entry doors to consider:

  • A pre-hung entry door is sold to the homeowner as ready to use by the manufacturer. Pre-hung doors come as complete package-with hinges or attached to a frame and can also have additional features if required.

  • A slab entry door is just a rectangular-shaped piece of fiberglass, steel, or solid wood door, without a door frame, hinges, or hardware but usually has pre-cut holes for the knob.

Reasons Your Entry Door May Need Replacement

Entry or front doors take a lot of wear and tear due to their daily use and exposure to weather elements. Weather-stripping, latches, and knobs on the entry door need to be in top condition to maintain the home’s security and its ability to protect against the elements. Unfortunately, older, outdated doors may not have the ability to meet these requirements of a good entry door because of the wear and tear over the years.

It is advisable to call an experienced technician to do the installation for you to prevent future problems with the entry door.

At Savoochi, we have a team of experienced, professional, and qualified entry door installers that can help with installing new entry doors for our clients in Glenview, IL and its surrounding areas.

Benefits of Installing a New Entry Door

A new front door will benefit your home in many ways. This includes the following.

Offers Security

Entry doors welcome family, neighbors, and friends but are also a common entryway for unwanted guests. A new, sturdy, secure door protects against harsh environments and provides security against any burglars and dangerous intruders from gaining entry into your home.

More Comfortable Living

A new front door will also improve your home’s air quality by reducing the amount of dirt, dust, and mold growth. It also prevents pests and insects from finding their way into the house.

Improves Energy Efficiency

There is a significant connection between your front door and the home’s energy efficiency. Leaking out of cold air during summer and warm air during winter leads to higher cooling and heating energy bills, decreasing the home’s energy efficiency.

An old door does not have the latest advanced material used in an upgraded, newer entry door that offers insulation against the elements. New modern designs for front doors reduce your home’s power usage.

Improves Your Home’s Appearance

The front door plays a key role in the home’s curb appeal. A worn-out, plain door can drag down the home’s overall appearance. On the other hand, an impressive, attractive entry door will improve the home’s appearance by giving it an elegant appeal.

A new entry door will allow you to give your front entryway a refreshing new look with entry doors of so many different styles.

Entry doors with superior performance, durability, and unsurpassed quality include:

  • Fiberglass doors.

  • Solid wood doors.

  • Steel doors.

  • Custom entry doors.

  • Aluminum shield technology doors.

  • Vinyl siding doors.

  • Pivot doors.

Enhanced features such as crossbucks, grilles, decorative glass, clavus, wrought iron, and dentil shelves can transform your home’s exterior.

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An impressive front door needs only low maintenance and improves your home’s resale value should you choose to move. At Savoochi, we have a wide selection of entry doors made with various architectural styles that will improve your home’s appearance and, at the same time, express your design statement that flows with the rest of your home’s theme.

We can start talking about your new entry door installation and maintenance project today. Our team of experienced, licensed professional entry door technicians is ready to serve you. Contact us today at (847) 446-3340 to book an appointment with us.