Storm Doors

You’ve probably been to some houses, and you have to open a door and then another one behind it to get inside. This may cause you to ask, why are there two doors in this house?

Having an idea of the best door type is very important, especially for your exterior doors. You have to bear in mind the functionality, aesthetics, and at the same time, security before you can choose the best door type to use as your entry door.

Read on if you are looking to learn more about storm doors and how our team conducts door replacement or provides new storm door options. At the same time, if you are looking for door installation experts in Chicago, reach out to our team at Savocchi today.

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What Are Storm Doors?

A storm door is the first door you open if an exterior door has two doors. They are often installed in front of the main entry door. It serves the purpose of protecting the entry door from the weather elements. They are built to withstand different weather conditions.

Storm doors can serve as protection from bad weather and, at the same time, allows for adequate daylight and ventilation in an apartment. Storm doors are available in different sizes to match your exterior door opening.

Types of storm doors

There are different types of storm doors. Some storm doors provide a full view of exterior spaces. They are mainly built with a glass panel fitted on a suitable frame.

Some storm doors provide a half view of the outdoor space. The glass panel is placed on the upper part of the door, and it has a solid panel material fitted on a suitable frame. The glass panel mainly takes half of the panel space, and it is usually the upper part, and the solid panel takes the lower part of the door.

A high view storm door is a type of storm door fitted in front of the exterior door to protect the door; it offers a little visibility. It has the advantage of being pet friendly, as you can create an opening on the solid panel that is accessible to your pets.

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Do You Need a Storm Door?

Planning to replace windows for your next home project? You might need a storm door if the following applies to you.

A solid exterior door will not give you visuals; hence it is necessary to have a door you can see through. A storm door gives you the advantage of having an opened door feeling while your door is closed. You see through and keep the bugs and insects out! When you have children playing outside in the garden, you want to watch or hear them play.

Weather elements can cause damage to exterior doors; fixing a storm door protects this door from getting in contact with snow, rain droplets, and even the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This helps to maintain the value of your exterior doors.

Getting a storm door is also dependent on the climate of your community. Some climates generally do not favor storm doors, especially in places with an extended daily sunlight range like the desert. The heat trapped by the storm door can cause damage to the surface of your exterior door. 

Also, the design of your house can determine if you need a storm door or not. The external door is already protected from weather elements if you have an entrance porch. Hence there is no need for putting a storm door in front of your entrance door.

The Benefits of Installing a Storm Door in Your Glenview, IL Home

Storm doors are beneficial to your home; some of the benefits of storm door has been mentioned earlier; other benefits include:

  • Storm doors provide ventilation when needed

  • The door allows visibility of the outdoor space and the ambient lighting in your apartment. Especially during the day.

  • Storm door keeps the entry doors from weather elements hence preserving their value

  • Keeping insects and bugs out of indoor spaces

  • Add extra security to your home

  • It is aesthetically pleasing if properly done

Our local services have been there for many of our customers in the local community. We have been able to discuss energy efficiency and other critical elements as well as how they make a huge difference in the home.

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Work with Savocchi for Your Storm Door Installation Needs

Savocchi offers fabrication and installation of storm doors. A wide range of product selection offers versatility to provide the best glazing solution for each individual project. Our project team carefully selects products, colors, and specifications to meet even the most innovative designs. We fabricate traditional storm doors.

We know that homeowners have to think about many types of doors in their houses. They may have to deal with garage doors, sliding patio doors, vinyl siding, decorative glass, and more. Sure, homeowners may even have to worry about replacement windows, too!

But we are here to simplify the process and help you to obtain the right door for your needs.

Are you looking for help with your storm door project? Our team at Savocchi is pleased to assist with this crucial part of your property in Chicago, IL and its surrounding areas. We have provided help to many different clients with their storm door projects and look forward to working with more clients.

We take great care in everything we do, from window replacement to storm door replacement and installation. Find out how we can make a difference in your home today.