Bulletproof Glass

A bulletproof or bullet-resistant glass effectively prevents crime or enhances security in businesses, companies, and homes.

At Savocchi, we install and replace these types of windows and glasses for the right local businesses and institutions such as gas stations, restaurants, offices, jewelry stores, hotels, schools, police departments, and more.

We install safety glass in your business or residential property to give you more protection.

What Is A Bulletproof Glass?

Also called ballistic glass, bulletproof glass is created using several layers of laminated glass that is also strengthened with polycarbonate.

When more laminated glass layers are used, the glass becomes thicker and stronger. Polycarbonate is also smooth but still able to prevent the glass from showing any signs of damage, such as scratching and is also used for resisting abrasion.  

Our Bullet-Resistant Glass Installation Services In Chicago, IL

Our quality craftsmanship enables us to provide exceptional services to business and residential owners in Chicago, IL. Our bullet-resistant glass products include:

  • Bulletproof glass

  • Bulletproof windows

  • Bullet and force-resistance paneling

  • Bulletproof doors

  • Reinforced security doors and windows 

  • Auto Glass Replacement Services 

Our products are highly durable and have the best quality. We provide bulletproof or laminated glass products that can give you long-term protection. 


How Bullet-Resistant Glass Works


Ballistic glass is transparent and clear like a standard window or glass panel. The glass upholds the pieces together instead of letting them fall all over the place. The thicker the glass, the more powerful it will be to resist more force. We advise you on the best ballistic glass for your business. 

Bulletproof Glass Installation Process

We will install bulletproof or bullet-resistant glass based on your business’s suitability, such as working hours. We may choose to install before or after business hours.

We provide you with a specific service that will boost security in your business and enable you to have a piece of mind. Contact our bulletproof glass installers in Chicago, IL, today.

Finding The Right Time For Modern Bulletproof Glass Installation

We will arrive at your business or company premises shortly after all the components and materials have been transported to your facility in Chicago, IL.

For convenience, we will install bulletproof glass after business hours or on weekends.

Suppose your business or organization, such as a gas station, operates for extended hours. In that case, we will advise you to let your customers know you’re temporarily unavailable and close it for just an hour.  

Installing Precisely Cut Bulletproof Windows

After transportation of the bulletproof glass, the installation will be quick, and there will be minimal or no metal or dust shavings. At the end of the process, your space will be clean, including areas near your door or windows.

Regular cleaning consistently maintains the good look appearance of your bulletproof doors and materials.  Contact us if you have any questions or want to add input during the process; we will be helpful with your specific needs.

Excellent Benefits Of Bulletproof Glass Windows

Enhanced Level of Protection

Bulletproof windows will enhance the security of your business or Chicago residential property by preventing the bullet from passing through your glass window or door.

This will protect you or your family at home or your employees and customers at your business.

Prevent Break-Ins Or Burglary

Criminals will not be able to break in through your bulletproof glass windows or doors on your property when they’re searching for items to steal.

Deter Crime

In some situations, installing bulletproof glass is capable of deterring crime. Most criminals will find out about the place before stealing, robbing, or even causing harm.

Why Choose Our Bulletproof Glass Products And Services In Chicago, IL

We value integrity, and our comprehensive business information is readily available; all our charges are fair.

We also have highly experienced staff and advanced tools to bring out the best bulletproof glass installation and repair services in Chicago, IL, and its surrounding areas.

We take all our projects seriously, irrespective of your location or the type of service you want for your business or residential property.

Contact us today at 847-446-3340 to get a custom quote and let us help you upgrade the security of your home or business premises with our quality bulletproof glass products and services.