How to Choose the Right Glass for Your Shower

How to Choose the Right Glass for Your Shower

Choosing the right glass shower door is important whether you’re just replacing an old one or doing a full bathroom remodel.

A new glass shower door is an excellent way to refresh and open up your bathroom space while also increasing relaxation. You must also decide whether you want complete privacy or crystal-clear shower walls at all times.

How to Choose the Right Glass for Your Shower

When selecting the best glass shower enclosure, there are numerous factors to consider:

The available budget.

When it comes to selecting the ideal shower glass enclosure, you must consider both the enclosure cost and the installation cost. Labor costs vary depending on several factors, including your geographic location and the complexity of the installation. Most companies offer free estimates and excellent shower door options, regardless of your budget.

Its functionality.

Consider the function of the shower enclosure you want to install. For example, consider where you want the shower, where you want the support studs, and what the walls will be made of. The answers to these questions will help determine how much weight the glass wall can support.

A bathroom is typically used on a daily basis by multiple people. When selecting a glass shower, it is best to consider investing in materials that can withstand this constant use—those that can effectively resist wear and tear. Fortunately, cleaning a shower glass enclosure is simple.

It’s best if you also choose a shower enclosure type that is accessible to the people who will be using it. For instance, keep in mind the elderly and small children who may have difficulty using certain types of facilities.

The amount of space available.

Take note a bathroom is a fixed room in the house. It is critical to remember this when deciding on the type of shower enclosure to use when remodeling your bathroom.

If you’re happy with the layout of your bathroom, various types of enclosures will fit your needs. By sticking with your current bathroom layout, you avoid having to relocate the fixtures, which can add time and cost to the project. Depending on the size and footprint of your existing shower, it is often more cost-effective to install a new shower enclosure.

However, if your budget allows for a more extensive renovation, such as converting a shower and tub combo into a large glass shower walk-in enclosure. Though a project like this will take significantly more time and money, it will increase the value of your home.

The shower hardware.

If the shower door is made of clear glass, pay attention to the finishes on the inside of the enclosure. If there is a separate tub, make a note of it so that the components are well-matched.

Most shower doors can be customized with custom handle finishes and tracks, such as bronze, chrome, and nickel. However, try to narrow down your color options based on the existing colors in your bathroom.

The right glass thickness.

Glass shower enclosures are typically available in a variety of thicknesses, depending on your preferences and needs. The general rule is that the strength of the glass is proportional to its thickness. However, because it is strong enough to withstand regular use, 3/8 of an inch is considered the ideal thickness for a shower glass enclosure.

Half an inch of glass thickness is considered the strongest for heavy-duty use. It is designed to last and withstand long-term family home use. This thickness, however, is quite heavy and thus only suitable for semi-framed or frameless shower enclosures. It also restricts the types of attachments that can be used.

Personal style.

There are hundreds of styles and options for your perfect enclosure with the various types of shower glass available.

You can select from a variety of enclosure shapes, such as boxy rectangles and curved semicircles, to highlight your bathroom style or design preference. A new glass shower door can help bring more light into the space, in addition to its aesthetic value.

Types of Shower Doors to Choose From

The most common types of shower glass doors to choose from include:

Sliding, Pivoted, and Hinged Shower Doors

These are usually installed where there is no bathtub. They also include round and neo-angle shower doors, which are also commonly used for standalone showers.

Framed Shower Doors

Framed glass showers usually consist of a thin glass of 1/4 and 3/16 of an inch. The frame often consists of aluminum. It can be painted, coated, or finished with different colors.

Bypass Shower Doors

These are sliding shower doors. They are usually installed as a section of the tub enclosure. They are space efficient because they do not need space to swing open.

Frameless Shower Doors

These consist of thicker glass than framed options. Because of the glass thickness, frameless doors are some of the most expensive options for a shower enclosure.

Other custom glass shower doors include:

  • Clear glass shower doors
  • Tinted glass shower doors
  • Low-iron shower doors
  • Frosted glass and opaque glass shower doors
  • Textured glass shower doors
  • Hammered glass shower doors
  • Rainshower glass doors
  • Tempered glass doors

Whichever option you choose, make sure you’re happy with the enclosure because you will be living with it for a long time. Glass shower door enclosures are also simple to clean, durable, aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and simple to install.

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